Rose’s Thorned Torment

  Thorned harbinger, fierce, Prickling vestige of passion, Ebullient anguish. Scarlet splendor wanes, Tendril tendrils sting, ensnare, Eclipsed ecstasy. Ardor’s serrated, Intertwined with fragile grace, Intellect’s caress. Piercing lexicon weaves, Arcane language of longing, Emotions unfurled. Rose’s thorn, whispered, Intellectual heartache, Melody of ache.

The Tear-Stained Window

  Through misty panes, memories unfurl, A mother’s love, a precious pearl. Tears and longing, his heart finds way, Forever bound, even in her gentle sway. *********** The Prologue Young Eric stood in a world tinged with loss, captivated by the window’s melancholic allure, learning to be entranced by the …

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A Mother’s Flight

In dreams unchained, a mother’s soul takes flight, Where thoughts soar free, on currents of the night. A yearning stirs within, from depths unknown, For havens calm, where solace is her own.   Amidst the web of ceaseless care she weaves, Her heart yearns for respite, a soul that grieves. …

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Chocoholic Memories

Brown scent of cocoa, Nostalgia inhaled deeply, Heart’s memories stir.   Childhood delights, Chocolate on fingertips, Smiles of pure joy.   Sweet moments cherished, Savoring each delectable bite, Love’s essence lingers.   Aroma of comfort, Melting warmth on tongue, Yearning’s embrace.