A Heart of Gold

“A Heart of Gold” is an ode to a remarkable soul whose compassion and wisdom inspire us. Embrace her selfless spirit and spread kindness, for it ignites a radiant path of love. Cherished Amma, so sweet and kind, In simple living, high thinking entwined. With love and care, she lends …

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Chocoholic Memories

Brown scent of cocoa, Nostalgia inhaled deeply, Heart’s memories stir.   Childhood delights, Chocolate on fingertips, Smiles of pure joy.   Sweet moments cherished, Savoring each delectable bite, Love’s essence lingers.   Aroma of comfort, Melting warmth on tongue, Yearning’s embrace.

The Flavours of Life

Life’s a symphony of flavors, diverse and grand,A blend of sweet and sour, a masterpiece unplanned.With bitter moments, we savor the sweet,Each experience a lesson, making us complete. Like a dessert, life offers surprises and delight,A mix of tastes, both dark and light.Each bite a new adventure, a moment to …

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