Ink and Imagination

Words become the lens in ‘Ink and Imagination,’ through which life’s hidden stories are revealed. A poetic journey capturing emotions and unspoken truths, reminding us of the power of creativity. Dewdrops glisten on a fragile leaf, captured moments, As a poet’s lens of words frames fleeting thoughts, Each droplet a …

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Conundrums of Being

Mystery of life reflected through verses, depicting the human journey entwined with uncertainty and wonder. The poem “Conundrums of Being” captures the essence of intricate human quest, echoing the enigmatic puzzle of life. Lost in a maze, perplexed we tread, Each step a question, in life’s book unread. A puzzle …

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Conquering Dreamy Quests

Sail through ‘Conquering Dreamy Quests’, where gleaming swords of confidence dispel doubt’s dark. Amid shadows, resilience blooms, igniting dreams. Follow your dreams with unwavering valor. Confidence, a gleaming sword, dispels doubt’s dark, Shadows vanish, igniting dreams’ spark. Amid fear’s ghastly domain they stray, Resilience blossoms, guiding their way.   Through …

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Swings of Memories

“Swings of Memories” is a soulful sonnet that paints a vivid picture of lost love and lingering echoes. It captures heartache and hope, inviting readers to feel the emotions woven through each line. Grass sways alone, where footsteps once adorned, Hand in hand, laughter danced upon the air, Now shadows …

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The Silent Killer Within

The might of a sad soul’s despair is revealed, surpassing any physical threat, in this haunting tale. Embrace empathy and kindness, for emotional wounds can be as lethal as any illness. Gloomy shadows enshroud existence, suffocating light. An intangible melancholy descends, ethereal yet potent. Emotions coil, venomous, as sorrow’s tendrils …

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Flicker of Life

Flick’ring flame of life, A waning candle’s demise, Tears blend with waxed fears. Fleeting moments, gone, Lost dreams in shadows reside, Sorrow’s silent screams. Dancing shadows weep, Infinite dusk’s embrace nears, Hope’s embers now dim. Frailty’s mortal coil, Fading echoes of laughter, Torch of joy grown faint. Whispers of regret, …

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Dirge of the Abyssal Wretch

In briny depths, a piscine wretch adrift, Poor ne’er-do-well, amidst the shadows sighed. Beneath a veil of Stygian waves, he’d writhe, Entangled ‘mongst fate’s barbed nets, denied, Sardonic dance, wherein abyssal depths he died.  

A Healing Smile

Amidst shadows draped in sorrow’s embrace, Where thou thine thy art, a smile, doth impart, In wilted hearts, thy touch doth interlace, A solace born of grace, to heal each heart. As sun-kissed rays bedeck the dew-kissed rose, Thine essence, like sweet nectar, dost bestow, Thy lyrical of joy, a …

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