Harvesting Dreams

Enter a realm of resilience and dreams intertwined. ‘Harvesting Dream’ weaves a sonnet of unwavering determination, nature’s embrace, and the triumph of reaping life’s bountiful rewards. Inspiring and enchanting. Blue fields of dreams, my life’s grand goal in sight, A soul aflame, a quest to claim my fate, Through trials …

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Quest Across Cosmic Seas

  Deep ‘midst the astral veil, a boat sets sail, Its form obscured, ethereal and rare, A soul embarks, with purpose to prevail, In cosmic waters, seeking truth laid bare.   The celestial currents, mystic winds propel, Through the time and space, they swiftly glide, Where constellations weave a sacred …

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The Timeless Sands

In desert’s embrace, Quest echoes through shadows, bright. Roses bloom in flight. Caravan of dreams, Across the vast sands they roam, Chasing destiny. Melodies of music, Like water on arid lips, Quenching souls, love drips. Footsteps leave their mark, On shifting dunes of the heart, Guiding us through art. A …

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