The Silent Sonnet

Drop from my eyes, like silent dew of sorrow, Tears, the spoken words of a wordless soul, In their descent, my pain they deftly borrow, To tell a tale of anguish, uncontrolled. Each glistening bead reveals a world unseen, A prism reflecting shades of deepest woe, Where heart’s lament dances …

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Transient Reflections

Transient blossoms, Lost, profound reflections emerge, Unveiling life’s guise. Ephemeral truths, In sorrow’s depths, we ponder, Worth concealed, now seen. Shared humanity, Revealed in poignant sorrow, Heart’s piercing reminder. Profound, piercing words, Embrace our transient essence, In this fleeting world.

Healing Hearts

Tender empathy, Whispers heal wounded spirits, Sympathy’s solace.   In shared tears we find, A river of understanding, Sympathy’s refuge.   Compassion’s embrace, Binds shattered hearts together, Sympathy’s power.   Gentle touch of care, Mending souls in brokenness, Sympathy’s healing.   Unspoken language, In the depths of silent hearts, Sympathy’s …

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