Reflections of ElderSong

Plunge into the pensive depths of ‘Reflections of the ElderSong’, where crone’s sorrow and sprite’s innocence entwine. Imperfections are woven with grace, revealing truth’s clasp— The mirror mirrors the soul’s timeless ascent. The ancient crone gazes, her eyes carrying eons of sorrow, In the tarnished mirror’s embrace, past and present …

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Reflective Cosmos

Gaze into the mirror of life, see the universe’s wonders within. Embrace truths and trials, find strength in reflections, and embark on an inspiring odyssey of self-discovery and growth. Majestic mirror, mystic glass divine, In your world, reflections intertwine, Reflecting secrets of the universe’s core, Reflective surface, an enigmatic door. …

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Visions in Water

Mirror of nature, sparkling clear and bright, Reflecting mountains, trees, and homes with grace, In your depths, a captivating sight, A harmony of beauty in this tranquil space. The mountains’ majesty, a towering might, Their peaks adorned by heavens’ gentle trace, The trees, like dancers swaying in delight, Their whispers …

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