The Lunar Dance

Embark on a poetic voyage through ‘The Lunar Dance.’ A mesmerizing villanelle portraying the mystical union of moon and tides, an eternal ballet that enchants hearts and minds alike. Water ebbs and flows, dance with the moon’s grace, In tides’ embrace, the celestial ballet, Lunar whispers wield power, none can …

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Elevation of Insight

  The Prologue Growing up through the boundless skies of insight’s flight, The soul unfurls its wisdom, in love’s eternal light.   The Poem Time’s tableau, where mortal steps have tread, Amidst the ebbing years, a query looms ahead. When shall intellect ascend, on wisdom’s soaring wing? To shun the …

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Eloquent Mind’s Epiphany

Mind’s lantern burns with zealous light, Drawing wisdom from the well of night, Dancing neath the moon’s sagacious gleam, The Well of Knowledge, an eternal dream.   Arcane whispers echo in its deep, Where truths and mysteries intertwined, keep, Enlightened minds, seekers, they descend, Their souls baptized, refined, and mend. …

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