Rose’s Thorned Torment

  Thorned harbinger, fierce, Prickling vestige of passion, Ebullient anguish. Scarlet splendor wanes, Tendril tendrils sting, ensnare, Eclipsed ecstasy. Ardor’s serrated, Intertwined with fragile grace, Intellect’s caress. Piercing lexicon weaves, Arcane language of longing, Emotions unfurled. Rose’s thorn, whispered, Intellectual heartache, Melody of ache.

Beneath Nature’s Embrace

Amidst verdant meadows, I stood ensnared,Enveloped by nature’s symphony, beyond compare.Whispering foliage pirouetted with grace,As sunbeams caressed each tranquil embrace. Avian melodies harmonized in ethereal flight,Their sonorous chorus, a celestial delight.Gentle rivers murmured their dulcet refrain,While beneath the lunar glow, I remained. In that ethereal moment, an ineffable bond,Unified with …

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