Sands of Solitude

“Sands of Solitude” presents a profound odyssey where nature’s hand inscribes the life’s journey. Heartfelt and poignant narrative, whispered by footprints in the sand, reveals the silent, evocative story of love, loss, and healing. Sea, vast and unforgiving, kissed the shore. A lost solitary figure, walked along the edge. Each …

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The Tattered Soles

Experience the raw emotions of ‘The Tattered Soles,’ a heart-rending tale of resilience, loss, and human spirit, woven through the journey of worn-out shoes. Prepare to be moved. Worn-out shoes, shrouded in melancholic tales, bore the weight of countless miles traversed upon jagged terrains. Each thread, weary from the burdensome …

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The Tear-Stained Window

  Through misty panes, memories unfurl, A mother’s love, a precious pearl. Tears and longing, his heart finds way, Forever bound, even in her gentle sway. *********** The Prologue Young Eric stood in a world tinged with loss, captivated by the window’s melancholic allure, learning to be entranced by the …

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Transient Reflections

Transient blossoms, Lost, profound reflections emerge, Unveiling life’s guise. Ephemeral truths, In sorrow’s depths, we ponder, Worth concealed, now seen. Shared humanity, Revealed in poignant sorrow, Heart’s piercing reminder. Profound, piercing words, Embrace our transient essence, In this fleeting world.