Swings of Memories

“Swings of Memories” is a soulful sonnet that paints a vivid picture of lost love and lingering echoes. It captures heartache and hope, inviting readers to feel the emotions woven through each line. Grass sways alone, where footsteps once adorned, Hand in hand, laughter danced upon the air, Now shadows …

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Hearing Heartfelt Humour

  Laughter, resounding like silver bells, In the circus ring, my story dwells, A jester clad in kaleidoscope hues, Painted face, concealing the soul’s bruise. With nimble wit, I spin my jest, But deep inside, a heart suppressed, Bound in chains of sorrow’s plight, In the caravan’s dim, lonesome light. …

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The Nostalgic Raindrops

Innocence danced in the little boy’s eyes as raindrops caressed his face, mingling with the scent of wet earth. Memories blossomed, carrying him back to monsoons of yore. In those days, he would fashion paper boats with meticulous care, setting them afloat in puddles like miniature vessels of dreams.   …

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