Scholars of Light

Teachers are the guiding stars, in the vast domain of knowledge. This sonnet, ‘Scholars of Light,’ pays homage to their profound impact, illuminating minds and forging brilliant futures. Books, portals to wisdom’s endless sea, Ink-laden vessels, knowledge’s sacred creed, Each lesson, like a jewel, brightly bound, In scholarly chambers, they …

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The Beauty of Books

Books, the gateway to realms yet unseen,Where knowledge blooms and wisdom takes its flight.In pages bound, a world of wonders gleam,Igniting minds with sparks of pure delight. Through libraries and stores, we find our way,Encouraging our young to freely roam,To choose their treasures, let their hearts display,And plant the seeds …

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Mother: The Guiding Light

A mountain of books, daunting and vast, A naughty boy’s heart, longing for repast. Yet a mother’s love, patient and kind, Unveiling the treasures hidden in mind. With gentle guidance, she nurtured his flame, Igniting his passion, no longer the same. He embraced the challenge, soared to great heights, Through …

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