A Healing Smile

Amidst shadows draped in sorrow’s embrace, Where thou thine thy art, a smile, doth impart, In wilted hearts, thy touch doth interlace, A solace born of grace, to heal each heart. As sun-kissed rays bedeck the dew-kissed rose, Thine essence, like sweet nectar, dost bestow, Thy lyrical of joy, a …

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Hearing Heartfelt Humour

  Laughter, resounding like silver bells, In the circus ring, my story dwells, A jester clad in kaleidoscope hues, Painted face, concealing the soul’s bruise. With nimble wit, I spin my jest, But deep inside, a heart suppressed, Bound in chains of sorrow’s plight, In the caravan’s dim, lonesome light. …

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Sugar-Spun Whimsy

Fluffy strands of joy, Cotton candy’s sugared dance, Whispers of delight.   Pastel clouds take flight, Melting on eager tongues, Sweet dreams come alive.   Confectionery bliss, A confluence of sugar, Magic in spun threads.   Delicate and light, A carnival for the soul, Sugar-spun delight.

Chocoholic Memories

Brown scent of cocoa, Nostalgia inhaled deeply, Heart’s memories stir.   Childhood delights, Chocolate on fingertips, Smiles of pure joy.   Sweet moments cherished, Savoring each delectable bite, Love’s essence lingers.   Aroma of comfort, Melting warmth on tongue, Yearning’s embrace.