Elevation of Insight

  The Prologue Growing up through the boundless skies of insight’s flight, The soul unfurls its wisdom, in love’s eternal light.   The Poem Time’s tableau, where mortal steps have tread, Amidst the ebbing years, a query looms ahead. When shall intellect ascend, on wisdom’s soaring wing? To shun the …

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Rose’s Thorned Torment

  Thorned harbinger, fierce, Prickling vestige of passion, Ebullient anguish. Scarlet splendor wanes, Tendril tendrils sting, ensnare, Eclipsed ecstasy. Ardor’s serrated, Intertwined with fragile grace, Intellect’s caress. Piercing lexicon weaves, Arcane language of longing, Emotions unfurled. Rose’s thorn, whispered, Intellectual heartache, Melody of ache.