Hold On – Never Quit

The collaboration masterpiece ‘Hold On – Never Quit’, illuminates the transformative power within us. In the face of adversity, it beckons us to grasp resilience and soar toward our dreams, guided by the angelic touch of hope. A Collaboration (Terza Rima Poem) Glory Glory (India) Fibby Bob Kinney (USA) ********** …

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The Thorny Triumph

Discover “The Thorny Triumph” – a poetic ode to the unwavering strength of the cactus in the desert’s embrace. Let its resilience inspire you, like a golden beacon of endurance. Amidst the desert’s sun-soaked haze, A cactus stands, in arid grace, With spines that guard its precious core, A symbol …

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Luminary of Night

FireFly, thou art the lantern of nature, A celestial spark amidst earthly enclosures. Thy luminous form, a beacon of grace, Guiding nocturnal voyagers in their chase.   In the ebony abyss, thou dancest with flair, A celestial ballet, a light-filled affair. Radiating luminescence, ethereal and rare, An ode to beauty, …

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