Arise Among Ashes

Experience an impressive and soul-stirring saga, skillfully portraying the emotional journey of a child amidst war-ravaged ruins, holding onto a doll as a symbol of innocence and hope. It captures tears of sorrow and blossoms of hope, leaving hearts stirred and inspired.   Doll clutched in hand, a child’s heartache …

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The Nostalgic Raindrops

Innocence danced in the little boy’s eyes as raindrops caressed his face, mingling with the scent of wet earth. Memories blossomed, carrying him back to monsoons of yore. In those days, he would fashion paper boats with meticulous care, setting them afloat in puddles like miniature vessels of dreams.   …

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Brown Melting Delights

Brown scent of cocoa,Nostalgia inhaled deeply,Heart’s memories stir. Childhood delights,Chocolate on fingertips,Smiles of pure joy. Sweet moments cherished,Savoring each delectable bite,Love’s essence lingers. Aroma of comfort,Melting warmth on tongue,Yearning’s embrace.

Innocence’s First Steps

With tiny feet and wobbly stance,She takes her first step, a joyful dance.Her first shoes, a milestone so grand,A moment cherished, forever planned. Lovely blue, with smiling yellow sharks,Her shoes make music, like playful larks.With each tiny step, a beep and a whistle,Adding joy to her journey, like a cheerful …

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