Unlocking the Heart

Delve into emotions’ enigmatic maze, where love’s keys are concealed. Unravel the depths of hearts, embracing empathy. Discover the power of vulnerability and the beauty in unlocking connections. Lock the gate to the heart’s abode, A treasure within, a secret code, A bundle of emotions, untold, Keys lie hidden, yet …

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The Tear-Stained Window

  Through misty panes, memories unfurl, A mother’s love, a precious pearl. Tears and longing, his heart finds way, Forever bound, even in her gentle sway. *********** The Prologue Young Eric stood in a world tinged with loss, captivated by the window’s melancholic allure, learning to be entranced by the …

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Flames of Fearlessness

Courage lights the way,Unyielding spirit, ablaze.Dreams shall not decay. Ignite your desire,Forge paths with unwavering fire,Deny naysayers’ ire. Create what’s in your heart,Refuse to let it depart,Boundless, your own art. Let no walls confine,Unleash your essence divine,Existence, wholly thine. For in pursuit of dreams,Limitations, it seems,Melt like distant streams. Embrace …

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Exposing the Illusion

Love, genuine, true and bold,Conquers the manipulation’s hold.******The PrologueIn the heart of Serendipity, where flowers bloomed and birds sang, a tale of paradox unfolded. Amidst proclamations of love, manipulation lurked, causing a gentle soul named Amelia to question the true nature of affection. Little did she know, destiny had a …

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Exploring the Soul’s Book

Heart’s depths, obscured, hide,Cover’s allure, first glance,Critics’ words, blind guide.Unseen essence, profound,Unread chapters await,Truth whispers, unbound. Pages unturned, unknown,Layers of beauty inside,Seekers, true hearts find.Unveil the soul’s profound,Words that resonate, ignite,Beyond appearances, bound. In the library of life, we stand,Books of resilience, held in hand.Misunderstood, yet profound,Yearning for hearts to …

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Unbroken Prayers

Prayer we offer now,In mourning hearts, solace sought.Fractured souls, we mend. Tears mingle, cascading,Each drop, a poignant tribute.Silent cries resound. Amidst pain’s piercing grip,Compassion’s balm ignites love.Together, we heal. Injured spirits rise,Resilience blooms through the cracks.Hope’s beacon, unyielding. May departed soulsFind eternal peace, embraced.Prayer unites us all.

Bitter Love’s Lament

A world of verdant whispers, behold,The bitter gourd, a tale yet untold.Entwined in human bonds, bittersweet,Where hearts converge, emotions greet. Resilient tendrils, enigmatic vine,Ensnaring souls, a twisted design.Within its grasp, love’s tendrils thrive,Yet pain seeps deep, where shadows dive. Their semblance masks the depths within,Volatile seeds of yearning, hidden sin.Frustration …

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Harmony of Hearts

The embrace of family’s warm cocoon,Love blossoms bright like a radiant moon.Through laughter and tears, we forge a bond,A tapestry of hearts, forever strong. From parents’ guidance, wisdom’s sweet refrain,Nurturing roots, that will never wane.Siblings, companions on this journey we tread,With shared memories, a treasure to be fed. Generations intertwined, …

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Fleeting Love

A heart longs for love, but fears it’s too late Years of solitude, a heavy weight She dreams of arms to hold her tight But believes her size makes love take flight An old friend appears, a glimmer of hope Memories and laughter, a way to cope Her heart beats …

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