Sands of Solitude

“Sands of Solitude” presents a profound odyssey where nature’s hand inscribes the life’s journey. Heartfelt and poignant narrative, whispered by footprints in the sand, reveals the silent, evocative story of love, loss, and healing. Sea, vast and unforgiving, kissed the shore. A lost solitary figure, walked along the edge. Each …

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Hearing Heartfelt Humour

  Laughter, resounding like silver bells, In the circus ring, my story dwells, A jester clad in kaleidoscope hues, Painted face, concealing the soul’s bruise. With nimble wit, I spin my jest, But deep inside, a heart suppressed, Bound in chains of sorrow’s plight, In the caravan’s dim, lonesome light. …

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Healing Hearts

Tender empathy, Whispers heal wounded spirits, Sympathy’s solace.   In shared tears we find, A river of understanding, Sympathy’s refuge.   Compassion’s embrace, Binds shattered hearts together, Sympathy’s power.   Gentle touch of care, Mending souls in brokenness, Sympathy’s healing.   Unspoken language, In the depths of silent hearts, Sympathy’s …

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