A Healing Smile

Amidst shadows draped in sorrow’s embrace, Where thou thine thy art, a smile, doth impart, In wilted hearts, thy touch doth interlace, A solace born of grace, to heal each heart. As sun-kissed rays bedeck the dew-kissed rose, Thine essence, like sweet nectar, dost bestow, Thy lyrical of joy, a …

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Luminary of Night

FireFly, thou art the lantern of nature, A celestial spark amidst earthly enclosures. Thy luminous form, a beacon of grace, Guiding nocturnal voyagers in their chase.   In the ebony abyss, thou dancest with flair, A celestial ballet, a light-filled affair. Radiating luminescence, ethereal and rare, An ode to beauty, …

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