Blossoms of Love

Fragrant flower blooms,Soft blush in hues of pink,Love’s gentle caress. Dreams take flight, carriedby wings of hopeful wishes,Guiding life’s journey. Peace, a soothing balm,Calming weary souls adrift,In tranquil embrace. Glory, a radiant crown,Awaits the brave hearts who dareTo chase their dreams’ light.

The Red Hibiscus

Crimson Hibiscus, a beacon, resplendent,Petals aflame, in scarlet descent.Amidst life’s trials, it resolutely stands,Symbolizing fortitude with grace, grand. From seeds of darkness, it sprouts, incandescent,Defying odds, its radiance luminescent.Each bloom murmurs sagas of fortitude,Prompting our will to reach magnitudes. In its vermillion embrace, solace dwells,A harbinger, life’s tribulations dispels.With sanguine …

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