Flicker of Life

Flick’ring flame of life, A waning candle’s demise, Tears blend with waxed fears. Fleeting moments, gone, Lost dreams in shadows reside, Sorrow’s silent screams. Dancing shadows weep, Infinite dusk’s embrace nears, Hope’s embers now dim. Frailty’s mortal coil, Fading echoes of laughter, Torch of joy grown faint. Whispers of regret, …

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Embers of Scented Desire

Sniffer of memories, my faithful guide,Inhaling scents that carry me back in time,A fragrance stirs, love and passion reside,Unveiling a memory, vivid and sublime. A whiff of roses, delicate and sweet,Recalls the touch of your tender embrace,Soft petals brushing against lips that meet,Igniting a fire, no distance can erase. With …

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