Flames of Fearlessness

Courage lights the way,Unyielding spirit, ablaze.Dreams shall not decay. Ignite your desire,Forge paths with unwavering fire,Deny naysayers’ ire. Create what’s in your heart,Refuse to let it depart,Boundless, your own art. Let no walls confine,Unleash your essence divine,Existence, wholly thine. For in pursuit of dreams,Limitations, it seems,Melt like distant streams. Embrace …

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Symphony of the Soul

Eyes sealed, a hidden realm takes its flight,Through darkness, steps tiptoe with silent grace,Sensations heightened, whispers in the night,Journeying within, a sacred inner space. Blind to the world, the spirit finds its way,Each footfall echoes secrets, deep and true,In shadows’ realm, dreams dance without delay,Embracing the unknown, creating life anew. …

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