The Healer Hunter

The poem “The Healer Hunter,” from the point of view of a trapped rabbit, reminds us that kindness can dwell in unexpected places. It challenges stereotypes and illuminates the profound bond between a hunter and the hunted, teaching us about compassion’s transformative power. Kindness in the heart of a man …

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The Poisoned Palate

Beware of the toxic brew Ego and Envy prepare in this culinary tale. Choose unity, kindness, and compassion over bitterness and strife. Nourish your soul with love. In a culinary theater, Ego and Envy combine, Their bitter flavors dance, a twisted design. The ego yearns for dominance, consuming all in …

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Hidden Hearts

Discover the enchanting world of “Hidden Hearts,” a cinquain poem. Unveil the power of silent kindness and the graceful beauty of unseen compassion in just five lines. Embrace the magic within! Silent Kindness blooms unseen Shadows bear compassion’s weight Gifting hearts with love’s pure embrace Graceful (Cinquain)

Dirge of the Abyssal Wretch

In briny depths, a piscine wretch adrift, Poor ne’er-do-well, amidst the shadows sighed. Beneath a veil of Stygian waves, he’d writhe, Entangled ‘mongst fate’s barbed nets, denied, Sardonic dance, wherein abyssal depths he died.  

Healing Hearts

Tender empathy, Whispers heal wounded spirits, Sympathy’s solace.   In shared tears we find, A river of understanding, Sympathy’s refuge.   Compassion’s embrace, Binds shattered hearts together, Sympathy’s power.   Gentle touch of care, Mending souls in brokenness, Sympathy’s healing.   Unspoken language, In the depths of silent hearts, Sympathy’s …

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