Chocoholic Memories

Brown scent of cocoa, Nostalgia inhaled deeply, Heart’s memories stir.   Childhood delights, Chocolate on fingertips, Smiles of pure joy.   Sweet moments cherished, Savoring each delectable bite, Love’s essence lingers.   Aroma of comfort, Melting warmth on tongue, Yearning’s embrace.

Brown Melting Delights

Brown scent of cocoa,Nostalgia inhaled deeply,Heart’s memories stir. Childhood delights,Chocolate on fingertips,Smiles of pure joy. Sweet moments cherished,Savoring each delectable bite,Love’s essence lingers. Aroma of comfort,Melting warmth on tongue,Yearning’s embrace.

Flying Chocolaty Wings

In chocolate’s realm, a naughty boy did dwell, With dreams of flying, he concocted a spell. He built an aeroplane from wrappers and joy, With hopes to soar like a mischievous ploy. But alas, his creation, a sweet confection, Failed to take flight, a comical reflection. He tasted defeat, with …

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