The Flavours of Life

Life’s a symphony of flavors, diverse and grand,A blend of sweet and sour, a masterpiece unplanned.With bitter moments, we savor the sweet,Each experience a lesson, making us complete. Like a dessert, life offers surprises and delight,A mix of tastes, both dark and light.Each bite a new adventure, a moment to …

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Bitter Love’s Lament

A world of verdant whispers, behold,The bitter gourd, a tale yet untold.Entwined in human bonds, bittersweet,Where hearts converge, emotions greet. Resilient tendrils, enigmatic vine,Ensnaring souls, a twisted design.Within its grasp, love’s tendrils thrive,Yet pain seeps deep, where shadows dive. Their semblance masks the depths within,Volatile seeds of yearning, hidden sin.Frustration …

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