Masters of Oblivion

Pay attention to those unseen, for they may surprise you with their presence and actions. Explore the intriguing world of ‘Masters of Oblivion,’ where hypocrisy lurks amidst selective vision. Reflect on society’s hidden neglect and the revelation of unseen truths within ourselves.


Amidst the cacophony of society’s masquerade, a peculiar phenomenon transpires. Behold, the art of selective vision! The masses, blindfolded by self-absorption, flit through life, oblivious to the invisible existence around them.

The Unseen, unseen indeed! Until, alas, a trivial need arises, then lo and behold, they become visible. The scurry commences as these masters of neglect transform into enthusiastic onlookers.

Omg, how they revel in the revelation, exclaiming, “Now you see us!” Hypocrisy, thy name is humanity!

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