Woven in Wrinkles

“Woven in Wrinkles” unveils a web of memories, etched by time’s caress. Frailty embraces strength, echoing tales of love, resilience, and echoes of the heart’s eternal voyage through life’s exquisite path.

Memories cascade, sepia whispers of yore,

Frail fingers tremble, tracing life’s maze once more,

Eons bow her frame, each wrinkle a sacred lore,

Love’s battles, lost whispers, on a fabric she bore.


Moonlit strolls on cobblestones, youth’s serenading score,

Legacy carved, daring dreams, rebellions to explore,

Sunbeam swings, night’s symphonies, a life to implore,

Sepulchral tear escapes, heart’s ache, an eternal soar.


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