The Whispering Waves

Embark on a haunting journey through ‘The Whispering Waves,’ a poignant tale of a sailor’s restless spirit, ensnared by the ocean’s embrace. May mercy grace his eternal wanderings.

Amidst the storm-tossed ocean’s cruel embrace,

A sailor’s soul doth languish in despair,

A life once lived upon the waves with grace,

Now trapped, entangled in the ocean’s snare.


His vessel wrecked, its timbers torn apart,

His mortal form lies deep beneath the sea,

Yet still, his spirit roams with broken heart,

Yearning for freedom, struggling to break free.


The waves, like vultures, taunt his restless ghost,

A siren’s dirge, a haunting lullaby,

They bind him to the depths, a spectral host,

A cruel jest played by Neptune’s watchful eye.


But the ocean, unforgiving, keeps him bound,

His laughter echoes ‘midst the crashing waves,

A twisted jest, his fate so cruelly crowned,

A life on the ocean waves, but no graves.


Oh, sailor’s soul, lost in eternal roam,

May mercy find you in the ocean’s foam.


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