The Vanishing Woods

This poignant poem, “The Vanishing Woods,” reminds us of the urgent need to protect nature and its creatures from deforestation and destruction. Let’s cherish and preserve our Earth’s beauty.

Amidst the mighty forest’s vibrant hues,
A somber chorus echoes through the trees,
As ancient guardians bear witness, muse.
Deforestation’s cruel embrace, disease.

The creatures weep, their fragile hearts forlorn,
For in the sacred woods, they find their home.
They watch in dread as forests are reborn,
To concrete jungles, lifeless, void of loam.

“I will miss you,” their plaintive cries resound,
A desperate plea to halt this tragic plight,
To save the land where harmony was found,
Where nature thrived in symphony of light.

Let not our greed consume Earth’s precious breath,
For future cries of sorrow herald death.

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