The Resilience of a Forsaken Flower

Oh, forsaken flower, so forlorn and alone,

Your beauty still shines, though you’re on your own.

Cast aside, disregarded, left to wither away,

But your petals still bloom, every single day.

The world may ignore you, turn a blind eye,

But your elegance and grace will never die.

Your stem may be weak, your leaves may droop low,

But your spirit is strong, and your radiance glows.

Oh, forsaken flower, you may seem small and frail,

But your resilience is an inspiration, without fail.

Amidst the chaos and turmoil of this world,

You remind us to stay steadfast, and not to be swirled.

Your delicate colors and intricate design,

Are a reminder of the beauty that can still shine,

Even in the darkest of times, when all seems lost,

Your presence reminds us of the ultimate cost.

For every living thing deserves its rightful place,

To thrive and flourish, with dignity and grace.

So, oh forsaken flower, though you may be alone,

Your beauty will continue to inspire, to be shown.

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