The Poisoned Palate

Beware of the toxic brew Ego and Envy prepare in this culinary tale. Choose unity, kindness, and compassion over bitterness and strife. Nourish your soul with love.

In a culinary theater, Ego and Envy combine,

Their bitter flavors dance, a twisted design.

The ego yearns for dominance, consuming all in its path,

While envy indulges in bitterness, its favorite aftermath.


A unique concoction, crafted with disdain,

Ego and Envy’s recipe, a dish of pain.

No special occasion, this toxic treat bears no grace,

Simmering in hearts, poisoning with its face.


Ego, a flamboyant chef, seeks applause and acclaim,

Envy, a jealous sous chef, covets what others claim.

Together they stir discontent and ignite strife,

A feast of resentment, devouring one’s life.


But let us resist this unappetizing fare,

In unity and kindness, true harmony we’ll share.

Reject the evil feast of ego and envy’s brew,

And savor the sweetness of compassion anew.


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