The Ocean’s Glistening Gems

Sea, vast expanse of azure grand,

Where secrets of the depths reside,

Tiny shells upon the sand,

Whisper tales of the ocean wide.


Amidst the golden grains they rest,

Bathed in sunlight’s gentle gleam,

Each a jewel from Neptune’s chest,

Unveiling dreams in endless theme.


Their colors, like a vibrant dance,

Coral, pearl, and sandy hue,

Nature’s artistry, a chance,

To marvel at her wonders true.


These delicate, resilient shards,

Echo life’s relentless churn,

Withstanding time’s relentless guards,

In silence, they forever yearn.


Little shells, gifts from the sea,

Mementos of the world unseen,

They symbolize resilience’s plea,

In fragments, beauty is serene.


On the beach, let’s take a stance,

In awe of nature’s intricate art,

For within the shells, we find a glance,

Of life’s magnificence, a part.

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