The Mysteries Divine

For in the mosaic of existence’s grand scale,
God’s hand weaves each thread, without fail.
Though perplexing, His ways hold treasures untold,
In the mystic spheres where miracles unfold.

Come embrace the strangeness and mystique,
In humble reverence, we dare not critique.
For in the vastness of His plan’s expanse,
We discover the divine’s eternal dance.

Within the kaleidoscope of life’s design,
Intricate patterns emerge, intertwine.
With vibrant hues and shades untamed,
The divine masterpiece is thus proclaimed.

Amidst the enigma, we find solace and grace,
Trusting in His guidance, in every twist and chase.
For His cosmic brushstrokes paint a story sublime,
Unveiling the secrets of the elusive divine.

Let us wander through the puzzle’s gate,
Embracing the mysteries, both small and great.
With awe in our hearts, we humbly stand,
Witnessing the wonders of God’s master plan.

In His ethereal design, we’re humbled to see,
The interconnectedness of all that will be.
So, surrender to the enigmatic unknown,
And marvel at the symphony God has sown.

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