The Malevolent Cuisine of Envy

In the depths of envy’s cauldron, a tale unfolds,
Jealousy simmering, its flavors untold.
A taste so bitter, it lingers on the tongue,
Motivation fueled by comparisons flung.

Savoring the bitterness, a twisted delight,
A dish prepared in shadows, concealed from sight.
Its recipe, a concoction of spite and disdain,
A feast of resentment, a poison for the brain.

No special preparation, just malice and deceit,
Jealousy’s delight, a bitter treat.
Not saved for occasions of joy or grace,
But relished in darkness, its presence embrace.

What’s cooking? A concoction of despair,
An insidious brew, with venom to share.
Dishonorable intentions, a toxic feast,
Jealousy’s hunger, never appeased.

In the race of life, where envy takes hold,
The joy of others, in its grip, it’ll fold.
But let us rise above, embrace empathy’s call,
And shatter jealousy’s grip, once and for all.

For in unity and kindness, true flavors reside,
A world without jealousy, where hearts coincide.
Let’s savor compassion, let empathy guide,
And extinguish the flames of envy’s pride.

What’s cooking? A recipe for harmony’s reign,
Where jealousy’s venom holds no domain.
Let us feast on love, compassion, and light,
And banish jealousy’s bitter bite.

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