The Healer Hunter

The poem “The Healer Hunter,” from the point of view of a trapped rabbit, reminds us that kindness can dwell in unexpected places. It challenges stereotypes and illuminates the profound bond between a hunter and the hunted, teaching us about compassion’s transformative power.

Kindness in the heart of a man I knew,
A hunter oft deemed villain by the wood,
Yet he, my savior, in my direst mood,
Descended depths, where darkness round me grew.

They say he brings to beasts a bitter end,
But this man, like a god, did quite the opposite,
He raised me from despair, a sacred covenant,
His home, my haven, where wounds found respite.

He fed my starving soul with warmth and care,
As kin, he loved me, in his hearth I thrived,
But now, in woods, I yearn for his emotional hug,
My heart, in longing, for his home deprived.

The forest calls, but he, the man, I rue,
For he, the hunter, was a friend so true.
Yet in the wild, our paths now stand askew,
Yearning for a sanctuary and a man I knew.

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