The Brewed Sorrow

A tale of love’s absence, pierced by hope, ‘The Brewed Sorrow’, paints heartache, weaving emotions through each line. The deep longing and the bittersweet memories are evoked by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Aroma of freshly brewed coffee, once sweet,

Now stings my senses, a piercing despair.

Each sip, a bitter echo I repeat,

The void you left, a chasm hard to bear.


The trembling cup clings tight to trembling hands,

A relic of the love we once embraced.

Its fragile touch, like love’s fleeting demands,

In solitude, our intimacy erased.


Within my soul, dark shadows intertwine,

With memories of moments we once knew.

Yet in this sorrow, hope begins to shine,

A ray of light in a day without you.


A Day Without You, a haunting refrain,

But love’s enduring essence shall remain.



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