Swings of Memories

“Swings of Memories” is a soulful sonnet that paints a vivid picture of lost love and lingering echoes. It captures heartache and hope, inviting readers to feel the emotions woven through each line.

Grass sways alone, where footsteps once adorned,
Hand in hand, laughter danced upon the air,
Now shadows linger, memories forlorn,
Swing sets rusted, dreams caught in despair.

Beneath moonlit skies, secrets softly shared,
Bench’s embrace, whispers, love’s sweet refrain,
Yet now they weep, their tales of love impaired,
Silent witnesses of my heart’s deep pain.

Through shattered dreams, I wander lost and still,
A solitary soul amid the gloom,
But hope emerges, as the night will yield,
A day without you, love’s eternal bloom.



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