Stalwart Patriotic Anthem

Hop on board the “Stalwart Patriotic Anthem,” where soaring verses honor India’s unyielding spirit, triumph over oppression, and the resounding chorus of unity. Experience its fervent patriotism!

Wings of valor unfurled, a nation’s rise ignited,

August’s dawn ablaze, by liberty’s flame ignited.

Land where myriad dreams converge, unity’s fabric tightly knit,

A saga of strength, in history’s forge fully lit.


From subjugation’s chains, the phoenix soars unfettered,

Triumphant spirit surges, oppressor’s grip severed.

Beneath the tricolor’s caress, hopes and dreams intrepid,

In the anthem of hearts, unwavering and undiminished.


Empowered by sacrifices, bound by freedom’s creed,

India, sovereign and fierce, fulfills her destined lead.

With reverence we hail this legacy, in unity we succeed,

A torch for tomorrow, where patriotism’s fervor shall exceed.


Happy Independence Day πŸ™

15th August 🌟 Vande Mataram πŸ™




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