Scholars of Light

Teachers are the guiding stars, in the vast domain of knowledge. This sonnet, ‘Scholars of Light,’ pays homage to their profound impact, illuminating minds and forging brilliant futures.

Books, portals to wisdom’s endless sea,

Ink-laden vessels, knowledge’s sacred creed,

Each lesson, like a jewel, brightly bound,

In scholarly chambers, they abide.


In pedagogic sanctums, they preside,

Sentinels of enlightenment, profound,

Upon the shores of intellect, we heed,

A tribute to those who guide hearts and minds free.


Their quills, the scepters of a noble art,

Bestow the gift of learning sublime,

With erudition’s fire, they always bless,

Igniting futures with wisdom’s vivid hue.


Happy Teacher’s Day, honourable mentors,

You light the path, in intellect’s array.



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