Reflective Cosmos

Gaze into the mirror of life, see the universe’s wonders within. Embrace truths and trials, find strength in reflections, and embark on an inspiring odyssey of self-discovery and growth.

Majestic mirror, mystic glass divine,

In your world, reflections intertwine,

Reflecting secrets of the universe’s core,

Reflective surface, an enigmatic door.


Mirror of truth, reveal the soul’s plight,

In your depths, shadows take their flight,

Reflect the stars, the moon’s tender gleam,

Rippling galaxies in your silvery stream.


Reflect the mountains, their peaks so high,

Mountains that touch the canvas of the sky,

Infinite landscapes, ancient and wise,

Refracted vistas, where dreams arise.


Mirror, a portal to worlds unknown,

In your gaze, destinies are sown,

Refract the sorrow, heal every pain,

Embrace the moments, both loss and gain.


Mimic the sun, its golden embrace,

Illuminating beauty in every face,

Reflect the storm, its thunderous might,

Revealing strength within the darkest night.


Mirror, bearer of tales untold,

Ornamented frames of silver and gold,

Reflect the past, its lessons to learn,

Revealing paths that twist and turn.


Marvelous mirror, a time-worn guide,

In your reflection, the heart can confide,

Reflect the love, the laughter, the grace,

Mirror, you hold the world’s embrace.



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