Reflections of ElderSong

Plunge into the pensive depths of ‘Reflections of the ElderSong’, where crone’s sorrow and sprite’s innocence entwine. Imperfections are woven with grace, revealing truth’s clasp— The mirror mirrors the soul’s timeless ascent.

The ancient crone gazes, her eyes carrying eons of sorrow,

In the tarnished mirror’s embrace, past and present borrow.

A glimpse, a shimmering echo, a sprite-like innocence stands,

Among sun-dappled meadows, where life’s golden thread expands.


Laughter paints the air, as yesteryears’ specter twirls,

A girl with hopes as diamonds, in a world of unfurled pearls.

Time’s cruel jest reveals, tears cascade and distort,

Memories once vivid, now fragments of life’s tort.


Flaws etched like fine art, imperfections worn with grace,

Intricate web, they’re woven, creating an intricate embrace.

Crone and child unite, two facets of a soul’s decree,

Dark irony in aging eyes, the girl within set free.


Through heartache’s lens, the truth we now perceive,

Embracing scars and shadows, in life’s mirror we believe.

Mirror mirror on the wall, holds tales of ageless time,

Reflecting not just visages, but the soul’s rugged climb.



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