One Moment at a Time

Feel the exquisite resonance within ‘One Moment at a Time,’ a poetic opus that unfurls the maze of existence through the temporal prism of time. Immerse in its verses, as they resonate with profound elegy.

Reality’s grip, embryonic mumbles arise,
From the bleak origin, a single cell’s demise.
Shadows of time, relentless and vast,
Weaves threads of essence, the present and past.

Whispers, like spectral phantoms, through veiled mist,
Shape existence profound, in darkness they persist.
A babe’s primal cry, a requiem’s mournful start,
Chronicles time’s touch, etched on each heart.

Time’s caress, cruel and sublime,
Forlorn paths it carves, an intricate rhyme.
Through tears and strife, footfalls we tread,
Agony and ecstasy, in moments widespread.

Blacksmith of pain, relentless hammer’s toll,
Tempering souls, as epochs unroll.
From purity to scars, through decay,
Life’s stages unfold, in compelling display.

In years, yearning and strife,
Each fleeting moment, a snapshot of life.
In time’s crucible, we’re malleable clay,
Chapters unfurl, a musical in gray.

Seasons ebb, years corrode with might,
Time’s mournful melody, a poignant respite.
Life’s metamorphosis, a canvas to impart,
In the heart’s deepest recess, its indelible art.

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