Luminary of Night

FireFly, thou art the lantern of nature,

A celestial spark amidst earthly enclosures.

Thy luminous form, a beacon of grace,

Guiding nocturnal voyagers in their chase.


In the ebony abyss, thou dancest with flair,

A celestial ballet, a light-filled affair.

Radiating luminescence, ethereal and rare,

An ode to beauty, beyond compare.


Thine incandescent glow, a poetic stroke,

Igniting wonder in hearts that awoke.

A symphony of fire, a divine manifestation,

A flickering marvel, nature’s revelation.


Enlightened muse, thy brilliance profound,

Inspiring artists, their spirits unbound.

FireFly, a testament to nature’s artistry,

A poetic ode to life’s divine mystery.

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