Innocence’s First Steps

With tiny feet and wobbly stance,
She takes her first step, a joyful dance.
Her first shoes, a milestone so grand,
A moment cherished, forever planned.

Lovely blue, with smiling yellow sharks,
Her shoes make music, like playful larks.
With each tiny step, a beep and a whistle,
Adding joy to her journey, like a cheerful bristle.

Her gait is unsure, but her spirit high,
As she toddles on, to reach the sky.
Her steps, testament of courageous might,
As she discovers the world, in pure delight.

With every stride, she learns to explore,
A new adventure, a thrill to adore.
Her first shoes, a symbol of growth,
A journey of wonder, with so much both.

Come cherish, this precious phase,
And watch her flourish, in countless ways.
With each sweet step, the shoes decree, 
A destiny crafted for greatness to see.

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