Ink and Imagination

Words become the lens in ‘Ink and Imagination,’ through which life’s hidden stories are revealed. A poetic journey capturing emotions and unspoken truths, reminding us of the power of creativity.

Dewdrops glisten on a fragile leaf, captured moments,
As a poet’s lens of words frames fleeting thoughts,
Each droplet a world of stories, concealed in silence.

A quill dances, sketching memories with ink,
Shadows stretch long in twilight’s tight grasp,
Ink-splattered hands caress whispers of existence.

Amidst the murmurs of solitude, an artist’s refuge,
Photographing the fleeting thoughts of the human soul,
In the candid click of a verse, emotions preserved.

Pen’s tick, a shutter’s release, as tears well in the eye,
Pain and joy in stark contrast, stark as monochrome,
A poet captures the silence between the lines.

A musical of metaphors, an orchestra of similes,
The camera of words develops the truth within,
In darkness and in light, the lens does not judge.

Ink smudged on parchment, and stars in the night,
The poet’s lens takes aim, revealing unseen beauty,
In every image, a soul exposed, a story to be told.

A world unfolds in the lens of thought’s capture,
Where emotion is the focus, and honesty the frame,
The poet is the photographer of life’s hidden art.

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