Hearing Heartfelt Humour


Laughter, resounding like silver bells,
In the circus ring, my story dwells,
A jester clad in kaleidoscope hues,
Painted face, concealing the soul’s bruise.
With nimble wit, I spin my jest,
But deep inside, a heart suppressed,
Bound in chains of sorrow’s plight,
In the caravan’s dim, lonesome light.
Through the ether of time, we roam,
Our nomadic souls, forever to comb,
Seeking solace in each new town,
Where the circus tent, a haven found.
Beneath the moon’s enamored glance,
I tread a path of sorrow’s dance,
Juggling dreams that slipped away,
As stars above in silence sway.
Upon the stage, my heartstrings play,
I prance and stumble in disarray,
While swords and balls take flight on high,
A metaphor for dreams that fly.
On stilts, I stride, but never rise,
A broken spirit, concealed with lies,
Yet, there stands my loyal friend,
A monkey tall, my soul to mend.
From far and wide, they gather near,
In search of wonder, joy, and cheer,
Unaware of the tears I keep,
Behind my painted, smiling sweep.
In twilight’s glow, when crowds disperse,
I dwell in shadows, heart immersed,
In thoughts of life’s elusive glow,
The dreams I chase, but never know.
But then, a voice so pure and sweet,
A little girl, my heart to greet,
She brings a treat, a ray of grace,
Unraveling the mask from my face.
“Mr. Joker, you make me feel,
A world of magic, raw and real,”
Her chubby cheeks, a spark ignite,
Dispelling darkness with her light.
Her words like balm upon my soul,
A flicker of hope, where shadows stole,
And in that moment, I comprehend,
The purpose of my laughter’s blend.
So donning hat and wider smile,
I grace the aisle, a heart worthwhile,
For those who seek a balm for pain,
I’ll brave the storms, their tears to drain.
I am the jester, wounded yet strong,
In laughter’s kingdom, I belong,
A conduit of joy, through tear-stained eyes,
Amidst life’s circus, my spirit flies.
When melancholy grips your soul,
Amidst life’s trials that take their toll,
Find solace in my world of rhyme,
I’ll mend your heart, one jest at a time.
So if you’re feeling lost, adrift,
Come seek the jester, take my gift,
For in my laughter, tears shall mend,
I’ll be your guide, your eternal friend.



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