Glimmers of Devotion

Mom’s blessings, a celestial embrace divine,
Thine love, an eternal river flowing deep,
Through sacrifice, thy heart’s great design,
A soul, so pure, thy boundless love shall keep.

Thy tender touch, a balm for every tear,
Thy voice, a soothing lullaby at night,
Thy gentle presence, a beacon, so clear,
Guiding us with love, bathed in thy light.

In thee, dear mom, virtues intertwine,
Thy grace and wisdom, a wellspring so rare,
Thy boundless faith, a star that brightly shines,
Thy strength, a fortress, shielding all our care.

On this day, thy birth, a gift bestowed,
Happy birthday, dear mom, thou art loved.

May the splendor of these words express the depth of our gratitude for all you have done, and may they bring everlasting joy as you read them.

A very very happy birthday dearest mom 🥰
From your kids 💞

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