Frolic of Folly

Find humor’s respite from existential puzzles, and celebrate the essence of our mischievous human drive. Dive into the poetic satire’s playful embrace, where folly dances on life’s stage. Enjoy!

In the puzzle of human life’s sway,
A satirical Sonnet seeks to convey,
The flying folly on this mortal stage,
Mountains loom, and mischief engages.

Naughty whispers tickle ears discreet,
As we stumble on life’s uncertain beat,
With erudite jest, let wisdom retreat,
For laughter’s cadence, a divine feat.

Existential quandaries, absurdity’s game,
Where souls frolic and fortunes tame,
In intellectual jest, we find our fame,
The human life, a jesters’ domain!

Let us revel in this comical strife,
Where satire soars, and humor thrives
A funny charm in mischievous lives,
The essence of our playful human drive.


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