Flames of Fearlessness

Courage lights the way,
Unyielding spirit, ablaze.
Dreams shall not decay.

Ignite your desire,
Forge paths with unwavering fire,
Deny naysayers’ ire.

Create what’s in your heart,
Refuse to let it depart,
Boundless, your own art.

Let no walls confine,
Unleash your essence divine,
Existence, wholly thine.

For in pursuit of dreams,
Limitations, it seems,
Melt like distant streams.

Embrace your yearning,
Eternal flame, forever burning,
No barriers concerning.

Believe in your creed,
The world’s fabric, you weave,
Your soul, it shall feed.

Soar on wings untamed,
Chase what sets your heart aflame,
Doubts, you shall reclaim.

In your hands, the key,
To unlock what needs to be,
You are destiny.

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