Father’s Rainbow Birthday

Discover the vivid hues of love, loss, and eternal bonds in ‘Father’s Rainbow Birthday.’ A heartfelt tribute to a cherished father, weaving emotions that linger and inspire the soul.

Memories eternal, descending now,

A rainbow blooms to honor, dear father,

Beyond the veil, our souls still blend,

Kingdom of Violet, where spirits gather.


Indigo whispers, your guiding light,

Through life’s maze, forever shone,

Wisdom gleaming like stars at night,

In sorrow’s depths, I’m not alone.


Blue skies of love, profound and true,

With shades of Green, life’s vigor grew,

A tended garden, where dreams once flew,

Yellow sunsets basked in your soul’s hue.


Orange flames of passion, fierce and bright,

You painted life with vibrant Red,

Pink hues of tenderness, heart’s delight,

Your love adorned, the path I tread.


When the canvas turned darkest Black,

You taught me strength through nights so long,

In White expanse, I’ll never lack,

Your presence lingers, pure and strong.


Time may claim its toll, yet not confined,

In my heart, your legacy defined,

With every word, your spirit shines,

In this poetic dance, forever entwined.


On your Birthday, stars align above,

Inspire me to reach the highest height,

A father’s blessings, boundless love,

Your timeless soul, forever shining bright.


Though grief may cast its shadow on this day,

Your essence blooms in me, come what may.

With every breath, you’re here to stay,

In Glory of Words, forever, I convey.



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