Embers of Triumph

Worth, a concealed might,
Trials unfold strength’s respite,
Valor in strife’s fight.

Unveiled, rare prowess gleams,
Challenges ignite latent dreams,
Potential breaks its seams.

Fortitude sets ablaze,
Unfamiliar strength finds ways,
True essence in a blaze.

Through daunting quest’s embrace,
Capabilities find their space,
Inspiration’s sacred grace.

Revealing truth untold,
Trials bind worth, substance bold,
Intellects, sharp and bold.

A crucible ignites,
Resilience fuels ambitions’ flights,
Unyielding souls take rights.

Unleash the dormant fire,
Infinite possibilities inspire,
Heart’s desires aspire.

Let trials shape the core,
Aspiring spirits strengthen, restore,
With purpose’s polish, they soar.

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